Easter Sunday

This last Easter Sunday I tried out a different look.

I have been looking for a good denim skirt for months. Scouring thrift stores and looking online for one with a price tag I could feel good about. I finally found this beauty about 2 weeks ago and I feel in love. It has deep pockets, which for a women’s piece is always a plus, and pairing it with this red mock neck (also found at the thrift store) made me feel vintage in the best way. I paired it with some ankle socks with a lace trim and these brown mary jane style heels from the company Mudd (although I got them thrifted). I have been going with a fresher-faced makeup look lately but to keep with the vintage feel, I sported a cat eye but added some bronze shimmer to my eye to keep it modern. The chunky heel on the shoe makes it super comfortable and the stretchy material of the sweater keep it breathable and perfect for a family dinner.

Ankle socks: Journeys (they came in a pack of 5)

Sweater: Thrift store

Denim skirt: Thrift store

Shoes: Mudd (But I got it at the thrift store)


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